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IMG_1789Mmm, new fall colors from AERIN.

“Inspired by an afternoon in the city, with a brisk walk through Central Park or a visit to the museum, this collection speaks to my Fall staples – a great peacoat, a pair of sunglasses and the perfect touch of color on my lips and cheeks,” says AERIN Founder and Creative Director, Aerin Lauder.

I’ll be kicking my leaves around Calgary instead, but the colors in this collection work in the Rocky foothills just as well as they do in NYC. I’m going to forgive Aerin for her treacly quote because I love her makeup so much. And I wouldn’t turn down a great peacoat if one came my way.

AERIN’s fall palette has a trio of eyeshadows:  Smoked Navy and Midnight Shine, with the soft neutral Barely There to start your canvas. Also included is Soft Beige blush — you won’t need too much with the dramatic blue tones. I’ve been wearing AERIN makeup for a while now and the eyeshadows apply with true, even color. They never seem to crease, even hours later. Once the sun starts setting earlier, I love me some smoky eyes. IMG_1791Take your smoldering gaze even further with Kajal Eyeliner in Skyline. The inky black hue defines the inner lids in one easy fluid stroke, or can be softly smudged on the outer lids for a more intense look.IMG_1799Reach for the sky with Evening Light, Bohemian and City Rose. I’ve been wearing Bohemian non-stop as a neutral. It has the perfect slidey-ness in a gloss, giving that full pout without goop, somehow tasting good with no flavor at all while soothing chapped lips.IMG_1781Or go full drama with full-on lipstick:  the NYC-inspired Madison and Mercer. We can all use a little New York in our lives.IMG_1682Even if our lives seem to revolve around four-legged ones. Once Simon goes out to pasture for the winter, I’ll have time to channel my inner makeup artist — ie, no sunglasses in a story about smoky eyes.IMG_1686Shot on location at the Calgary Polo Club.

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