Paul Hardy’s Fashion Fete

IMG_2120 Is that the Maharaja or designer Paul Hardy?IMG_2167Held at his Calgary studio, where he toils on creations for celebrity clients like Bette Midler, Sarah McLachlan and Carrie Fisher, his Halloween Fashion Fete came with a strict dress code:  come as your favorite fashion icon.IMG_2142So it was no surprise to see Lady Gaga, James Dean and Katy Perry on the guest list.IMG_2130Along with Princess Diana and Sir Elton John.IMG_2141It made sense that Boy George would be here to DJ — not to be confused with Nathan Hedley of Formula Promotions.IMG_2129Kim is glowing, but Kayne looks a little pale, thanks to my flash. Please don’t get mad, Mr. West.IMG_2201Jenavive’s singing pipes rocked the dance floor in zebra stripes. IMG_2127Jean Paul Gaultier and a stylist I didn’t recognize jetted in from Vancouver for the soiree. When Stylist Guy showed me a photo of the real Stylist Dude, I realized he nailed it!IMG_2162But no one got my costume either. It took a lot of explaining and pointing at my now monolingual Hello sticker.IMG_2154 But that’s the fun of Halloween:  it’s the best conversation starter ever. What ARE you? Turns out magic assistant Gwyn Auger was a bunny in a top hat. Meanwhile, Mr. Hardy gives us his best side on the left. His secret two-way mirror overlooking the front door is on the right. Umm… am I not supposed to mention that, Paul?IMG_2175Upstairs, Mandy Stobo came as an artist.IMG_2160Recently of Scuba Nenshi fame, the Bad Portrait painter has been known to mix media.IMG_2179I couldn’t resist the ultimate party favor. IMG_2196Good to know that style icon Hello Kitty will be immortalized in watercolor forever… IMG_2137… since party pix tend to get blurry as the lights trip fantastic. Especially when you’re hanging with Gianni Versace.

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