Polo Style with Nic Roldan

Nic Roldan You may have heard of male model Nic Roldan. Besides making Town & Country’s list for the 10 most desirable bachelors in the USA and Vanity Fair’s Top 50 Hottest Horsemen,  he was recruited by the Kardashians to help them keep up with their equitation skills. Heck, even his pony is licking her lips.

But, caliente factor aside, let’s not forget that the eight-goaler is the top polo player in North America. Besides, if you ask Nic, as I did, “Polo or modeling” he’ll answer before you can even add the question mark: “Polo. 100%.”

Nic RoldanYet, ever-obliging, he’s up for a little model multi-tasking in the polo-prep milieu, lifting the Town-Crier (the local Welllington weekly) up to  L’uomo Vogue level.Nic RoldanBefore our interview, I had a chance to observe him in his natural habitat: on a tailgate at Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida. In this case with Michelle Steele, a Calgary ex-pat who escaped the snow for friendly polo climes. He almost seemed like any other spectator.Nic RoldanUntil he put on those white jeans. That’s when Nic’s true Polo Style begins.Nic RoldanBecause nothing is more stylish than executing a flawless offside forehand…Nic Roldan… or a perfect backhand…Nic Roldan… or changing horses without touching the ground. Especially when patrona Melissa Ganzi is walking by. Nic is a third generation polo pro, with Argie blood coursing through his veins. He’s proudly American, but like any excellent polo player, he speaks Spanish fluently. The modeling thing happened accidentally.

“I was working with a couple of brands, and they wanted to do photo shoots,” says Nic. “That’s how I got into it. As an athlete, you’re always going to be doing that type of marketing anyhow.”

Even though he has no plans to give up his day job, his backup career as a smoking hot cover model is a perfect fit. And yes, that pun was on purpose.

“I’ve always been into style,” says Nic. “Even though my style is simple and very neutral, I still love fashion. It’s fun.”

Nic RoldanHis go-to outfit?

“Jeans, white or neutral colored t-shirt, and Nikes.”

And if you can rip your eyes away from pre-jersey Nic in this photo (ladies, you’re welcome), you’ll notice his green Nikes underneath his chair.Nic Roldan Although I averted my camera when he announced to his teammates that he was going to “drop trou,” it wasn’t in time to avoid seeing an unexpected splash of color. So I got the skinny his skivvies.

“I like neon green,” says Nic.Nic Roldan saddlepadThe bright green accent continues on his saddle pads, his bridles, even his website. If it’s his lucky color, it’s working.

Meanwhile, he’s quick to list off his favorite designers: “I love James Perse, I love Ralph Lauren,  I love Lululemon.” That last one would be the brand of the aforementioned undies.

Nic Roldan poloDespite his Wilhemina sanctioned male model status, you can bet the victorious moment on the podium is his favorite pose. Nic is seen here with crouching Marc Ganzi (the force behind Grand Champions Polo Club, along with his wife Melissa) and biting Glenn Straub (owner of Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club).Nic RoldanFinally, his advice for minus oners like me? “Get comfortable on the horse. The riding is important. And your hand-eye [coordination]. Just keep working at it. But don’t forget to have fun.”

He makes it sound so easy. My own game is frustrating at times. But the interview was definitely fun. Muchas gracias Nic!

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