REVIEW: ChopSaver Lip Care

It’s been a weird winter in Calgary. With temperatures above freezing for weeks now, there’s no snow left on the ground. Our ice rinks are melting. But one thing that we can rely on around here, no matter what scary signs of global warming abound? Dryness. And no one wants to pucker up to someone with peeling, chapped lips.ChopSaver Lip CareChopSaver Lip Care to the rescue! It keeps your kisser soft without being greasy. I like it, although the no-nonsense, non-sensual scent would not be my normal go-to. Kind of makes me think of camping. Which is why I think this chapstick is great for the guys. And also musicians on the job — the Arnica oil-based ChopSaver was created by professional trumpet player, Dan Gosling. Available with or without SPF.Besos

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