Room 236

IMG_2566The crowning jewels of Whitefish Montana are the ski resort and the lake. If you can tear yourself away from the view… IMG_2568… and turn to the Lodge at Whitefish Lake, you’ll see another. On the far right. Middle floor.IMG_2575Occupying a generous southwest corner (I admit I didn’t fact-check that geographic designation, I’m just going on the sunsets witnessed from these windows) Room 236 has to be one of the best rooms at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake.IMG_2578Not that I saw any other rooms. This vista left me totally biased. I kept meaning to try the hot tub, peaking through the slats in this pic, but the giant oval tub in the bathroom was just as inviting.IMG_2629After feasting my eyes on the scenery, the full-size kitchen had every appliance necessary for a stomach-stuffing feast. Including that dual-temperature-zone wine fridge. I left some dishes in the sink, purely to prove that this isn’t a promo pic. Nothing to do with my slide toward the slovenly.IMG_2628Room 236 is about three times the size of my old apartment in New York. It’s a little dark in the photo, but the fireplace on the far wall brought the temperature to toasty even faster than the thermostat.IMG_2627Did I mention that this is just one of the balconies?IMG_2579The other one is off the bedroom. That’s right, Room 236 is a full-size apartment.IMG_2582And just in case you’re feeling lonely, a teddy bear is provided along with the fresh linens.

Still to come:  the restaurant and lounge combo that can’t be missed.

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