Royal West’s Derby Gala

I found out where the formal wear is hiding at the inaugural Royal West.Derby Gala posterAt the off-site events! Like this weekend’s gala charity fundraiser at the new Chicago Chophouse on Stephen Avenue.   Arden Teasdale Derby GalaThe derby theme was the brainchild of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping’s business development manager Arden Teasdale, who set the tone for the dazzling dress requirement.Karen Linkletter, Nelson LeeSpectators were also encouraged. Equestrian coach Karen Linkletter’s hat was right on target, but Nelson Lee refrained, as did most men at the soiree. Good move, Nelson.Judy BucklandHowever, Judy Buckland bucked the small hat trend, wearing a topper so suave it should trend more than #pharrellshat.Tiffany BurnsThe Royal West’s charity of choice for 2014 is breast cancer. In of honor the pink ribbon, I wore pink leopard print.John Anderson Derby GalaThe jumpers arrive straight from the competition, still in their whites. John Anderson checks out the silent auction items in his exclusive Der Dau boots. Only two other riders wear them – Ian and Jonathon Millar – and they’re all on Team Canada. Dean and Alison MairDean and Alison Mair moved back to Calgary from London to enjoy events like this.Mister Loyal ringmasterThe party is officially a success when Pedro Cebulka, aka Mister Loyal, throws down on the Chophouse dance floor (if you need one, the restaurant will make one happen). The internationally renowned ringmaster is beloved for livening up the serious global equestrian circuit, in an ever-changing wardrobe of outlandish costumes. He’ll master the ring all week in Calgary, at the Royal West.

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