Sights of Sayulita

Indigenous jewelry vendorDifferent worlds collide and co-exist in Sayulita. This serene señora comes down from the hills every day to sell her handmade jewelry. I went crazy for her natural pearl necklaces (or bracelets or belts — however you want to wear them). She also made the traditional dress she’s wearing.  Debbie de la CuevaDebbie de la Cueva’s jewelry boutique on Delfines is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Delicate, chic, sophisticated — just as lovely but in a whole different way.Sayulita signpostFor such a small town, there’s a large selection of yoga studios. But their advertising is still old-school.Panini Mocha in SayulitaI could never get over the wonderful contrasts here. Putter down to Panino’s for desayunos, where they have better croissants than most places in Calgary.  Your gorgeous mocha comes with an ocean view…Best Fish Taco in Sayulita… and a front row seat to the action at the best fish taco stand in Sayulita, directly across the street. Grilled or fried options make it worth the lineup, and if you’re lucky, you’ll snag a seat — the stand is so popular they’ve added some tables and chairs.Los Corazones, Ocean, Grill & MoreBecause that’s what food sellers do here. Forget the sidewalk, which is usually a narrow, crumbling, ankle-busting obstacle course. Al fresco dining in Sayulita is in between parked cars. I didn’t try this cafe, but I wanted to because of the sophisticated branding on their sign —  above the tables in the gutter. Yeah!Heart Door in SayulitaSpend only a few minutes in Sayulita and you’ll realize:  this town has heart.Boutique de HafaEven shopping is an affair of the corazon. Boutique de Hafa is the heart of an endearingly hip yet affordable family-run hotel. In the background you can see the aptly named Gringo Hill , where most of the real estate has been claimed by Canadian and American vacationers’ luxury casas.Esto es Mexico, SayulitaSayulita has another love affair with skeletons. And when they collide with Frida Kahlo (who wasn’t exactly a regular on this stretch of the Nayarit coastline), even better!Artistic Beer Bottle Caps SayulitaThe art of expression just seems to be in the air. And in beer bottle caps on the walls.Corazon tree, Sayulita BeachMi corazon! You will forever have a place in my heart, Sayulita! Hopefully see you again soon. And in case you missed them, Walk to Sayulita, Playa Escondida and Love Nest are the other posts from the trip.


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