Taxidermy: the Mamie Taylor’s edition

Mamie Taylor's VancouverWhat do you do when you’re starting a hipster cocktail bar on the shady side of Main Street (that’s East, for my non-YVR-knowing friends, and I’m not referring to a tree-lined boulevard) and you want to do something different from the rest of faux-fur embracing Vancouver? You put out a call for taxidermy on Facebook, et voila:  decor by donation.

Mamie Taylor's VancouverThe beards behind the bar loved the Mamie Taylor cocktail so much, they named their restaurant after it. Opening in 2013, it helped start the tsunami of Chinatown’s  uber-hipness. Soon this city will have no grunge left.Mamie Taylor's VancouverAs it’s open late, if you’re too bleary-eyed to read their extensive cocktail list including drinks like Ducati Thief, ZZ Top and Dingaling Sling, the bartender will assess you and create the perfect concoction. Apparently I appeared jetset enough to qualify for the Aviation.Mamie Taylor's Vancouver Ham GrenadesHam Grenades are the go-to if you need a little something to nibble on. The most delectable tater tots I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.Mamie Taylor's Vancouver

One thing to know going in:  embrace any Hipster Surly attitude here as part of the charm. Accompanied as it is by infallible libations, the taxidermy adorning any spare space is all the charm you’ll need.

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