Team Blue Besos!

Calgary Polo ClubThe first game of Calgary Polo Club’s 2014 season was the perfect time to debut the official team jerseys of… wait for it… Team Blue Besos! In Club League, we’re assigned new team members each week:  three regular players and a professional. Even though these guys may be my mortal enemies next week, last night they were the best teammates a girl could have. That’s super-pro four-goaler Big Joe Henderson, from South Africa, on the left. Moi and Simon, next. Doug Byblow playing his inaugural Calgary game. And Francesco Galdon, whose Argentinian heritage means he has polo in his DNA.Tiffany Burns and SimonSimon can barely contain his excitement about our new shirts.Blue Besos jerseyJust look at them! Kudos to Cal-Crests Ltd. The Calgary custom apparel company did a stylish, speedy job.Tiffany Burns Blue BesosThe same Blue Besos dream team plays again this Saturday at 11am, in a Club League round robin:  6 chukkers of fantasticness. For fans of either polo or tailgating:  come out and enjoy both at the Calgary Polo Club. Gracias for the superb team photos, Heather Lilly!

Blue Besos


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