Tempting Tapas

P1030028If the pink ox on this 17th Avenue awning doesn’t mooove you to mosey into Ox and Angela, this should:P1030021“The spanish table” is a prix-fix menu of muy delicioso munchies. Instead of angsting over your choice, go with the chef’s selection of the tastiest tapas. It will add at least fifteen minutes to your sparkling witty conversation window. And if it happens to be a slightly dull date, the new plates of food that keep arriving should get you through. Meant to be shared, the dishes will give you a base line of common ground.Tiffany BurnsOwned by the restaurateurs behind one of my other faves in Calgary, Una Pizza + Wine, I predict Ox and Angela will be my new go-to:  I’m yoked! Tempting tempranillo and lovely service make it una noche maravillosa.ClearSmall xx 2

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