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Whitehall Restaurant CalgaryGorg! Fab! Really a beaut. For some reason, Whitehall, the latest edition in Calgary’s foodie nation, makes me want to break out my best British bonhomie. Must be the reference to the road in London. Because this place really blows my hair back.Tiffany Burns Bob SumnerLast night was the official opening of the new Bridgeland restaurant, which has been quietly serving happy customers for a few weeks now. Bumped into CTV’s Bob Sumner, as you do at these things.Whitehall Restaurant CalgaryBut Bob couldn’t distract me for long — there was food that needed to be eaten! My fave, the lamb kebobs, are not on the menu, but Chef Neil McCue tells me that they’re coming soon. To tide you over, the lamb bacon (totally delish) can be found on the Caesar salad.Whitehall Restaurant CalgaryI was told the quotes behind the bar included bon mots from Sir Churchill. The wine was too distracting for me to verify this, so I just imagined my favorite Winston quote:  “A polo handicap is a passport to the world.” Chef Neil McCue, Whitehall RestaurantMeanwhile, back to Chef Neil, the force behind Whitehall. Originally from Yorkshire, Canada is lucky to have him — two of his past restaurants in the UK have achieved a Michelin Star rating, so we’re expecting big things in Bridgeland. This isn’t his first rodeo in Calgary though. Formerly at Catch, he also may have trained a YYC celeb chef or two. Congratulations on your new digs, Chef Neil. I’ll be back!

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