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Cuff me. Please. P1030263This Jazz Age-inspired diamond bracelet is one of the select pieces from the Tiffany & Co collection currently making pit stops at flagship stores around the world, including Sydney, London, Los Angeles and… Calgary!P1030271Every year since 1845, Tiffany & Co publishes their Blue Book. Historical fun fact:  it was the first mail order catalogue to be distributed in the United States. Now, with The Great Gatsby making it a banner year for bling, Tiffany is taking its catalog on the road. Four heavily insured items were driven across the Rockies in a heavily armored vehicle for a brief but breathtaking appearance tonight in the Oval Room at the Fairmont Palliser.P1030255When Tiffany’s elite gemstones travel, it seems only fitting that the security detail keeps the aesthetics to the same high standards.P1030301Tiffany’s design theme for 2013 is Art Deco, in keeping with the pieces designed specifically for The Great Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann’s film sets may have been entirely computer generated, but the jewels adorning his actresses were real. Unfortunately, the Savoy, a headpiece of diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls, only appeared in the pages of the Blue Book. Perhaps it was just as well — only four headpieces were made and at $200,000 all four are already spoken for. No sense setting your shopping sights on something that isn’t available.P1030280However, there was more than enough ice on hand to melt the hearts of those invited to the champagne reception.P1030268Mount Lefroy looms in the background of these diamond and platinum chandelier earrings.P1030292Rocking the namesake:  don’t mess with Tiffany while she’s wearing a $727,500 Tiffany ring. ClearSmall xx 2

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